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Helena Vatanen, Visual Artist





Curriculum Vitae


Art studies:

1981-1987 Art school Pekkala, Joensuu, Finland

2000-2003 Art School Maa, Helsinki -  Visual Artist

2003-2004 Art School Maa, Helsinki -  additional studies for visual arts

2006-2007 Basics of art history, 10 course credits, Open university of Turku




2020 Kerrostumia, Gallery Pihatto, Lappeeranta, Finland
2019 Pigmentprints, Joensuun Pakkahuone
2018 Puppet-Project 2018, Joensuun Pakkahuone
2007 Wooden Greetings, Galleria Felix Figura, Praha, 2007
2005 “Paintings and structures” Art Centre Ahjo, together with Inkeri Makkonen, visual artist, Joensuu
2002 “Greetings from Tolstoy” - exhibition, Muikku-hall, Joensuu City Library


Group exhibitions:
2020 Joensuu Art Association, Gallery Kohina, Joensuu
2019 Joensuu Art association Gallery "Seinä" at city library, Joensuu
2019 Joensuu Art Association group exhibition in Raahe, Finland
2004 Group exhibition of Wassenaar Art Association, Netherlands
2003 Grad-exhibition, Suomenlinnan Rantakasarmin Galleria, Helsinki

2002 “Greetings from Yasnaja Polyana” - Russian Centre for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia, Helsinki together with Suvi Kervinen and Reetta Kandolin


Art in collections: Leo Tolstoy collection Tula, Russia


Puppets in theatre:

2018  "Maarian avaimenvartija" (Leo Tolstoi), Puppet Theatre Punahilkka

2018  "Maarian avaimenvartija" (Leo Tolstoi), Joen Yö-festival, Puppet Theatre Punahilkka



2004  Heikki ja Hilma Honkanen association

2005  Finnish Cultural Foundadation

2012  Kordelin Association 


2019 -  Artist association in Joensuu, Finland

2003-2005  Art Association of Wassenaar(Gemeente Wassenaar, NL), Netherlands


In between 2006-2017 worked mainly as a harpsichord decorator.

Decorative art work includes different painting techniques and leaf-guilding based on the original historical instruments.

Harpsichord maker: Jukka Ollikka


Selective collection of the clients:


2002  Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Netherlands

2003. Royal Conservatoire The Brussels, Belgium

2003  Music academy Konstanz; Germany

2006  Sibelius Academy, Finland

2007  Helsinki Conservatory of Music, Finland

2007  Brno Conservatoire, Czechia

2010  The Music and Arts University of the City of Vienna, Austria

2011  Conductor Ewald Donhoffer, Wien (AT)

2012  Congrecation Of North-Finland, (FIN)

2013  Yekaterinburgh Philharmonics, Russia

2015  Harsichordist, Germany

2016  Harsichordist, Japan